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It seems that every time we read the landing page of most aircraft brokers web sites, they sound the same.  They speak of their experience and trust and success and (insert cookie cutter characteristic here).

Like those guys (and gals), we also want to convey certain messages to you.  We have a very interesting story to tell and we firmly believe we have much to offer you.  But instead of telling you all of the nice sounding and flowery things that Tumbleson Aviation Consulting wants you to know, we thought we might take a more down to earth approach and just talk to you through this medium as we would talk to you on the phone or face to face.

Of course, we’ll list and discuss our services, our experience, capabilities and successes.  You want to know those things.  But what we hope that you’ll find unique about this web site and about the way we conduct business is that it is interesting, communicates well and ultimately it serves YOU!

You have our word that the time you invest on this web site will be well spent.  If you find otherwise, call Blake and talk to him about it.   The mission of our company and this site is to serve our clients and those who are contemplating becoming our next client.  At the same time, we want to be down to Earth in our approach, retain our sense of humor and keep it cutting edge and interesting.  We think we’ve been able to reach this goal year after year.

Like many others in our industry, TAC has decades of experience, we’ve bought and sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of aircraft, we’ve imported and exported aircraft all over the world, we’ve negotiated high dollar, complicated deals and have clients, colleagues and friends all of the world, and have the experience that you are likely looking for.

What we’ve tried to do differently however is keep it upbeat, positive, fun, and professional…but not stiff.  Our deals end with smiles, handshakes and warmth…just the way we like it!

We hope you appreciate our approach.

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